7 Questions That Will Change the Way You Lead Forever


7 Questions That Will Change the Way You Lead Forever!

Working in a leadership role, I am always looking through articles that will help to improve my craft in coaching and leading others. This article gave a some great examples on what to tweak in my own practice to improve my delivery. Check it out!

“…Coaching is one of the most powerful leadership and sales tools. It can be tempting to dismiss it as time-consuming or handholding, but both of those assumptions are mistaken. In his book, The Coaching Habit, Michael Bungay Stanier gives busy leaders advice on how to coach effectively. In ten minutes or less, you can ask strategic and thought-provoking questions that can help drive beneficial changes in behavior, help build team cohesiveness, and get things done effectively. Here are his seven questions to add to your coaching toolbox to make your life easier and get big results…” 

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