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Welcome to Work It Career…as a full-time career professional, I still look for opportunities to lead and grow within the field or branch out to to see if I could try something new. This page is for current, new and returning working professionals alike. Its is important to stay fresh and updated with what’s going on in the world and how you can contribute to it for you and your family…browse this page for more information on these topics. Whatever you do, we always Work It not matter what experiences that we have had.

Introducing a Fresh, New, Career Coaching Service….

Career Strategy Consultants ( is a High-Impact, Interview Coaching and Resume Development and Design service to meet all working women’s (and men!) needs. Career Strategy Consultants offer interviewing coaching and career development services for the undergraduate just entering the workforce trying to land that great first start to change-of-career candidates that need a refresher on what to expect, what to do and how to prepare an interview in today’s world.

The service offers a number of packages customized to meet your unique needs…Just need a resume redone? …no problem. Need some coaching to build up confidence for an interview? …it can be done…check out the available expertise and interview framework….

If you like what you see, now it’s time to review the simulated packages, from Strategic to Premium, then check out the online store for additional options so you can be on your way to land that dream job from an empowering interview. 

Are you ready to GET STARTED? 

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