Way Of Eating or Way Of Life?


I recently took some time away to spend with my family, refresh with some new ideas and focus on some passions…more recently cooking/designing menus for healing eating diet …this is an area that I want to share with you!

I love to eat. Always have loved to eat. But I also suffer from Ulcerative Colitis (UC) that I can go from healthy to a flare-up overnight. Symptoms from UC Flares can be difficult, embarrassing (!), and can have a real effect on day-to-day life. Since my official diagnosis six years ago, I have gone through a journey of extremes…weight-gain, weight-loss, medical trials, hospitalization but my relationship with food has always stayed the same…I love it, even if it hurts me, I still love it. After seeing some negative side-effects from yet another medication trial such as weight-gain, pain, sleepless nights, poor digestion…I decided to take matters into my own hands and dig deep into my diet and make some way-of-eating changes.

I have always been inspired by bloggers, instagrammers, authors that have a similar gut inflammatory story and how they have found ways to get healthy through diet/food related methods so I have started to live by creating and recreating my favorite inflammatory foods in an anti-inflammatory manner. I am not promoting that conventional medication for disorders doesn’t have its benefits, they do, but I am promoting that an anti-inflammatory diet can help ease some of the symptoms. This has been my quest for the last few months and why I would like to share my journey and some recipes that have helped me moving forward!

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