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Perfect Instant Pot Chicken Wings!


My husband LOVES some chicken wings! In fact, he would probably eat them every night if I made them! This Christmas, I got an Instant Pot Duo and I have been intrigued as to how to make the perfect chicken wings (quickly!) for Sunday night NFL Playoff Football!

This was my first venture with an Instant Pot Duo and it didn’t fail! Despite my husband’s side-eye as I was manually releasing the pressure using my oven mitts (I told him how dangerous it was making chicken wings lol), I was very impressed that in 10 minutes, my chicken wings had cooked through, the dry rub had remained on the skin and they were ready for a quick broil to make the skins crispy and ready to serve!

We enjoy our wings dry rubbed so we can dip in different BBQ sauces when we eat, so the recipe that I will share will be for a dry-rubbed wing…it won’t disappoint! Here are some of the great ingredients that I used:

Perfect Instant Pot Chicken Wings!

2lbs of Wings/Drums mix (refrigerated)
Trader Joe’s Onion Salt Blend
Stubbs Chicken Rub
Trader Joe’s Himilayan Pink Rock Salt
Trader Joe’s Black Pepper
Trader Joe’s Coconut Oil Spray
1 Cup of Water
Sauces to Serve With:
Trader Joe’s Korean BBQ Sauce
Stubb’s Buffalo BBQ Sauce
Trader Joe’s Blue Cheese Dressing or Dipping Sauce
  1. Mix together Trader Joe’s Onion Salt Blend, Stubbs Chicken Rub, Himalayan Pink Rock Salt, Black Pepper.
  2. Carefully toss the Wings (wings or drums) in the dry Rub using tongs.
  3. Pour 1 cup of water (Instant Pot Measure) at the bottom of the Instant Pot and place in Steamer Basket
  4. Carefully add the wings to the Steamer Basket. Make sure that they don’t sit on top of each other but they can touch to fit more in the pot. They should not touch the water at the bottom of the pot.
  5. Close and lock the lid. Make sure that you set the Pot to “Sealing”.
  6. Set the Instant Pot by touching the manual “Pressure Cook” Button and set the time for 10 minutes on High.
  7. When the Pot has cooked for 10 minutes and signals the end of the cook time, carefully use some hand protection to release the vent to decompress the Pot manually.
  8. Once the pot is ready to open, remove the wings with tongs and place on a foil-lined, oil sprayed baking sheet ( I love Trader Joe’s Coconut Oil)
  9. Set the broiler on High and put the baking sheet (with Wings) in the oven for 5 minutes. This is a great time to baste the wings with BBQ sauce or leave them with just the dry rub to dip in BBQ sauce (my favorite way!)
  10.  Pull out and turn them over and cook for another 10 minutes to crisp up the skin!
  11. Enjoy! These wings will melt off the bone! Serve with your favorite BBQ sauce and/or Blue Cheese Dressing.
    1. We served ours with some Trader Joe’s Crispy Tater Tots!

I hope that you enjoy these wings as much as we did! This is my favorite new way to cook wings as they were ready so fast, were super juicy and crisped up in the oven in a flash! Comment below to tell me how it went for you!

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