How Do You Contribute To Your Work Space?


003e14df5b96223415ac3679014654d7We all want to work in an environment that is positive for not only work quality, but also for your mental and physical wellbeing. There are a number of researchers that suggest that correlation between a positive working environment and an increase in overall productivity, energy and improved culture. Despite this research, we can all identify at least one nay-sayer in the work space that can easily flip the environment to the dark side…if we let them. Think about your own contributions and take a stand for positivity this week, no matter how hard it might be…it’s good for you! Check out these tips for creating a positive work space this week:

  • If you have an office or a physical space, take a look…does it illustrate a calm, positive space? or does it match the organized chaos of your mind? Spend 5 minutes in the morning picking up and prioritizing your work for the day…both mentally and physically…then spend 5 minutes at the end of the day just picking up and putting away those things that land on the edge of the desk throughout the day…
  • Have you looked at your Desktop recently? I looked at mine, it’s a mess. During your daily communication, it’s easy to read emails and move on thus filling up your mailbox to a 1000+ read mail….This week, spend some time learning how to organize emails after they have been read…do you read, save or dump? Many email servers have great organization capabilities that you can assign labels, move non-important mail straight to a folder…it may take a few minutes to get started, but it’s a great habit that will support your mental wellbeing too!
  • Lead by example…it’s easy to get caught up in the ‘coffee making’ gossip. Either make an effort to not join the group or steer the group to a topic that is more work-space friendly such as plans for an upcoming holiday, how to make a special dinner or even set up a Soup & Salad Pot Luck for the office staff…food never ceases to inspire a good time!

Try just one of these this week and see if it improves not only your work quality, but hopefully physical and mental wellbeing too! Work it Women!signature


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