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My “3” year old pose…

My sweet baby boy turned three this weekend. As I write this, I think about why this is having more of an effect on me than him turning two last year. I have laughed, cried, and found myself in awe of who this little man is and knowing what he will become. In the past year, he has grown up in so many ways with his personality, wants, wills, confidences all coming together in a perfect blend of what makes Whit…simply Whit.

My pregnancy wasn’t the easiest, largely mired with my own health complications from active Ulcerative Colitis, but this boy just kept on growing stronger and stronger and was determined to be in this world on his own terms albeit a few weeks early. Today, he is is a smart, sassy, thriving three year old ready to take on any adventure!

Cupcakes from Sweet By Holly!

We celebrated with just family this year and it was perfect. Cupcakes (by SweetbyHolly!) and a Fresh Market Burger & Sausage classic cookout! It was a great celebration with lots of love, food, laughter and of course, some great gifts!

So in honor of Whit’s birthday, I started to write a piece called “My top ten, I love you when” as a way to preserve some of these memories of his growing personality. I could list so many more than ten, but these are my favorite…

My Top Ten…I Love You When…

I love you when you laugh and look around to see if anyone else did when you find something funny.

I love you when you put your hot, sweaty cheeks on my face when you cry and want a hug.

I love you when you see animals and exclaim a little a sweet “ahhhh” and tilt your head.

I love you when you create new games to play with all of your toys and tell us exactly how you want us to play.

Balloons make everything more fun!

I love you when you are stubborn and hold your ground for doing what you want to do and when.

I love you when you smile a ‘big cheese’ smile to show me that you brushed all of your teeth.

I love you when you are excited to start a project and you start to jump up and down as if it will happen faster.

I love you when you tell me “five more minutes” when you know it’s time for bed and I cave and give it to you adding “last minute” each time.

I love you when you get close to my face and tell me a story with great seriousness and expression.

I love you when you remember a fact, story or song from long ago and use it in correct context…everytime.

I can’t wait for this year to unfold and so many more memories to make…Whitmore is the center of our world….and he knows it 😉

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