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76 Years, 76 Valentines


I hope that you had a loving day yesterday and it continues for many more!

I wanted to share this amazing article of love and lasting relationships, Henderson couple continues to celebrate Valentine’s Day after 76 years, written by Abbey Nickle of The Gleaner, about Phyllis (93) & Oscar (96) Hoffman. A couple from Henderson, KY that have been each others Valentine for the past 76 years.

Phyllis shares, after finding a whiteboard to talk with her hard-of-hearing husband, that “That’s the deal with marriage. Even after 76 years and you’re hard of hearing, you don’t give up. You just find ways to make it work,”

Valentine’s Day has always been a holiday the couple has enjoyed — Oscar was always faithful when it came to getting Phyllis chocolates, and they always enjoyed picking out cards for one another.

“I’ve always loved Valentine’s Day,” Phyllis said. “We don’t get to go out and pick out our gifts like we used to. But we still remember it and enjoy it.”

This article is a must read, it will inspire the confidence in your own relationship that you choose what to make matter, a simple or as complex as you want. You can just feel that love that they have with each other through their words…

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