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2 Easy Steps to Make Stainless Steel Shine!


If you are anything like me…I love having beautiful stainless steel appliances in my kitchen but hate all the upkeep on making sure that they look fabulous ALL THE TIME. With a toddler, dog (and husband!) constantly navigating in and out of the kitchen, finger prints and dog nose smudges are usually somewhere to be found on either the fridge, dishwasher or oven door.

I am fortunate to have stylish new Samsung appliances in my kitchen and the “Stainless steel” cleaners just don’t seem to cut it. After application, I still find that I have streaks…which in my mind is not ok as I want them to look perfect. So as I was discussing this ‘dilemma’ with some friends, it was suggested to try some baby oil and watch the streaks disappear and the ‘new appliance’ shine come right back to the surface!

So I tried it and with a little tweaking here is the 2 step process to guarantee a perfect streak-free shine!


Step 1: with a little soap, water and a non-scratch scrubber (very important that it is non scratch!), lightly scrub off any of the tacky dried dirt marks that can accumulate. Dry with a paper towel.

Step 2: apply a small (!) amount of Baby Oil (not gel) to a folder paper towel and lightly rub in the direction of the stainless steel grain. As it dries, you will see the streaks disappear and an amazing shine come to the surface!

This shine will hold up for at least a week or so! You can ‘spot clean’ as you go or just repeat this process once a week to make sure that you Stainless Steel Appliances are always looking brand new!

Add this post to Pinterest to try later! Let me know in the comments how it has worked for you!

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