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10 Lessons My Dog Has Taught Me


Sir Winston is his birthright name, but he gets called so many others…Winston, Winnie…Pup but Sir Winston is our very special five-year old Cavalier King Charles. He is our dog that my husband and I got prior to us getting engaged, married, had a child etc…our first real dog ‘baby’ and boy does he live up to that notion!

He used to have ALL of the attention, but now that we have a very busy three-year old (!), the attention on Sir Winston is a little bit different. That being said, not too long ago, after a long day at work, Sir Winston was snuggled up in my lap, I looked at him and thought about how much things have changed (and some stayed the same) but what I have learned from him over the years.

10 Lessons My Dog Has Taught Me

Don’t forget to smile.

Whether he is goofy, serious, silly and snuggly, Sir Winston always makes us smile. Whether he is stealing bacon from the table or barking at dogs on TV, it reminds us that sometimes, we all just crave a connection that can make us smile.

Patience is a Virtue.

From scratching the door to needing to go outside for yet another pee at 2 a.m., Sir Winston has prepped me for accepting interrupted sleep…along with my toddler.

Home time is great too.

Planning a weekend night out is fun but sometimes you just want a Saturday night on the couch with a new 8pm HBO Movie. He snuggles in and lounges across my body, sometime with one eye open, just to make sure that I am still there. Being home is sometimes just what you need to soothe your soul.

Its okay to be a picky eater.

As a puppy, Sir Winston struggled to find a dog food that he liked. We tried fancy meat logs, wet food, can food, dry food…and now we are settled on Rachael Ray Dog food. He only likes the chicken flavor not beef. It’s not worth the fight, just let them eat what they want.

Welcome home greetings mean everything.

It can be 2 hours or 20 minutes and Sir Winston is at the door as soon as it opens…if he is snoozing, there might be a delay, but he always get up from where he is to greet and love on whoever is coming through the door. This is a good reminder in life, celebrate those who come through your door or into you life with effort. It will always be reciprocated. And it’s good for your heart.

Its okay to be afraid.

The most random things scare him…like a plastic bag floating on the ground or even a cucumber (think cats & cucumber videos!), but Sir Winston’s curious nature makes sure that he always goes back to check it out and face his fear…and usually everything is just fine. It’s okay to be afraid, a natural reaction, as long as you go back and address it.

There are worst things in life than poop on the carpet.

It could be poop on the carpet smeared by a Rumba (this hasn’t happened to us!). We all make mistakes and Sir Winston’s sad, sad, guilty eyes always gives him away….but he is always sorry. Keep this in mind the next time you make a mistake…how did it come to be? Did you own it?

Eat and Be Social

Sir Winston is a social eater, he only eats when people are home and it’s a long and painstaking process. He takes a bite  of food in the kitchen, eats it as he walks to the family room, then returns for more…piece by piece. This cycle happens every night. I grew up where eating what a social experience. This is something that I replicate with my family now. We eat and socialize every night. No phones, no computers, just each other, food, and comfort in each others presence.

Stay hydrated or you feel tacky.

Sir Winston gets tacky. Tacky mouth and lips….he reminds us that water is key. All the time. Stay hydrated.

Time is precious.

We have experienced loss in our lives and despite the times the we sometimes call Sir Winston the most “annoying dog in the world”, but we couldn’t imagine our life without him and we hope he knows how much we love him…we are pretty sure he loves us too.

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